For some of us who cannot attend satsang at the temple, or cannot perform puja at home, a satsang at your home can be organized by the temple. A group of devotees, along with the priest, will come to your home and sanctify it by chanting Ram Naam, Hanuman Chalisa, Bhajans and a few minutes of discussion from a holy text, followed by meditation and Aarti. These satsangs are organized once a month.

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Every Sunday Preeti bhojan is served to more than 300 devotees. Food is delivered to Soup Kitchen downtown.

Shree Mahalakshmi Temple is also recognised for this service in the Lonely Planet.



Archana refers to the recital of various names of The Lord to seek His divine blessings for the prosperity and peace of the entire humanity. Also known as Sahasranamarchana, this seva deals with the recitation of 1008 glorious names of The Lord. Blessings for Newborn babies


A naming ceremony is the event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult is given a name or names. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years afterwards. Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance.

Anna Prashana

Referred to in English as first feeding with rice, the ceremony is usually carried out when the child is six to eight months old , odd months for girls and even months for boys, and the teeth have begun to appear, though it may be weaned at a later time. It is an occasion for celebration, and extended family, friends and neighbours will be invited to attend. Rice has become more common in modern times and symbolizes food in general. After Annaprasan, mamabhat happens, in maternal uncles or grandparents house. The maternal uncle of the child feeds it rice in this ritual. Mamabhat happens within that week.because as per Vedic Hindu culture, the child can't eat rice until Annaprasan and mamabhat both happens . However nowadays parents consult doctors and start rice accordingly. The Annaprashana, unlike many other Samskaras, remains an important ceremony in modern India.


Aksharabhyasam i.e Vidyarambham is a traditional religious function in which a child is given initiation for education. By doing so the child is ready to receive formal school education. The function is performed in different ways in different regions in India. In the earlier days, aksharabhyasam was performed when the child was in its 5th year. But presently because of early education at Kindergarten level, parents have to perform this ceremony when the child is in its 3rd year i.e after completion of 2 years.

Preeti Bhojan

Preeti Bhoj is food cooked by the volunteers of the temple. The food is first served to The Lord and then served to the devotees as prasad after the aarati.

Vaahana Pooja

A puja for a vehicle is a Hindu ceremony to bless an automobile to keep it from bad influences and to bless it in God's name. Hindus often perform pujas for items used in daily life: houses, motor vehicles, and sometimes home appliances. People try to do the puja before using the item, or as soon as possible after purchase. Puja details may vary from pujari (Hindu priest) to pujari, but the 15-minute ceremony performed for my car was fairly typical.


Preeti Bhojan


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